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Picture Perfect Bhaskar ChandaOh Canada! Canada is officially bilingual, with wide heritage from both France and England. Canada is extremely ethnically diverse, and continues to be a popular destination for immigrants. Canada’s population is among the most educated in the world, with over half of their citizens holding at least a college degree. Being the second largest nation in the world, there’s a lot of Canada to see, so this post will focus in on a journey along the East Coast. If traversing the Atlantic coast of Canada, a great first destination is Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls straddles the New York/Ontario border. Here, three waterfalls come together to form one of the most reknown waterfall attractions in the world. Also, Niagara Falls has interesting infrastructure for creating massive amounts of hydroelectric power. Channeling water with an extremely high content of dissolved salts and rock particle, erosion occurs at an alarming rate at Niagara Falls, and it’s expected that the falls will cease to exist 50,000 years from now, so see it while you can!

The weather was absolutely delightful.......cloudy yet gorgeous. Bhaskar Chanda

Photograph by Bhaskar Chanda in Canada

Cape Spear is the most easterly portion of the continent, and though a bit of a trek from the mainland, it’s a worthy destination for it’s historical significance and natural beauty. Being close to convoy routes during WW II, Cape Spear served as the site of a gun battery, with historical bunkers and underground passageways. With some of the most massive waves of any place in the continent and common whale sightings, it’s also a great spot to look out at the ocean.       Magnetic Hill Park, New Brunswick is an interesting destination along the way. What’s enigmatic about this mysterious park is that you can seemingly drive uphill…in neutral. It’s a natural optical illusion, a free thrill, and totally freaky. These are just a few of many worthy Canadian sights along the Atlantic Coast. Canada’s a huge country with an extremely diverse population, so there’s no shortage of places to see and things to do. An accessible trip out of the country, Canada offers Americans the opportunity to have an experience out of the States without getting on a boat or plane, with a distinct geography, culture, and way of life.

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