Top Five Best Adventure Activities in India

Bhaskar Chanda India Montain ClimbingAs promised the greatest adventure activities in India list continues. Last month, we had numbers 10 through 6 and this month, we have the top five best adventure activities for tourists to experience in India. As long as they are the adventure type. Just to go over what we had on the list for last month, we had heli skiing, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, camel and yak safaris, and the infamous auto rickshaw rampaging.

Continuing from last blog post, at number 5 we have motorcycle touring. India has a vast countryside, and one of the more fun ways to adventure through the countryside is via motorcycle. There is a sense of freedom and adventure that is not accessible through other forms of transportation. These motorbike tours are offered all over the Himalaya region, in south India, and Rajasthan.

In the fourth place spot, we have water sports. The typical water sport activities found in India range from para sailing to jet skiing, to windsurfing, to banana boat rides, to kite surfing. These water sport activities are offered everywhere on Goa’s beaches.

Next on the list is paragliding. The closest activity there is to the sensation of human flight is paragliding. There are many reputable companies in India that offer paragliding adventures. The best places for paragliding in India is in the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Another popular area for paragliding is Kamshet in Maharashtra.

Coming in at number two is white water rafting and kayaking. White water rafting in India combines beautiful scenery with thrills and chills for the outdoorsy type. Rafting down the Ganges and spending the night on pristine beaches is a very popular activity for tourists traveling to India.

Number one on the list of best aventure activities in India is…drumroll please…trekking and mountaineering. Mountain climbing in India’s northern wilderness is a very popular activity for trekkers. Climbs range from the easiest yet spectacularly beautiful walks to more extreme difficult camping expeditions. The Himalayas are the obvious choice for these expeditions.

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